Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to School! - Week 1 - part 1

I'm back!!!!! So much for all my good intentions of posting lunches over the summer.... The reality was that I really didn't make many individual lunches. I guess the joy of summer is having the kids all together with me. We did eat lunch away from home quite a bit but since we were all together, it was easier to pack a group lunch - one box of sandwiches, one of fruit etc. I guess I'm lazy when it comes down to it!

In fact, as I've discovered that in the "have a blog and posting your kids lunches" world, I am certainly not nearly as creative or hard working as most. My lunches are pretty basic. I debated not posting anymore but I think I will for a little while at least. If nothing else, I can share that it can still be fun even if the final lunch is not a masterpiece. And it can still be somewhat cute even if you only spend five minutes packing it. :)

S and E are in second grade this year and my "baby" A is in preschool three day s a week so I will be packing snacks for him too. Two children in E's class has life threatening allergies to dairy, eggs and wheat. Although they are not asking us to avoid those foods, I am making an effort to avoid them for snacks. I would HATE to be to cause of a serious allergic reaction in a child! And since I am lazy, S will get the same snack most of the time so his will be dairy, egg and wheat free too. Luckily lunch is not a problem as the allergic kids are sequestered at their own table. Also A is in a nut free classroom.

So here are the lunches and snacks for the first week of school! (Part one since blogger will only let me put 5 photos in a post.....)

Snack for Monday - half of a plum, some sweet peppers (the boys are LOVING these recently), a piece of granola bar and some gross gummy fish that are pure junk but the kids will think are a great treat. And look Melissa, my World Market Store is finally stocking these little boxes! They are just the right size - about as big as a deck of cards.
Monday lunch - of course Pizza! My boys absolute favorite! Along with the pizza, they had cantaloupe and apple cobbler.
Tuesday snack for S and E - almonds, cantaloupe and sweet peppers.
I have been wanting one of those sandwich sealers for a long time but couldn't justify the +/- $10 cost and huge shipping especially when I wasn't convinced it would work on whole grain bread. I was THRILLED to find this wonder bread sandwich sealer at Walmart! Fro less than $2 it was worth a try. I wouldn't say it works great on the whole grain bread but it worked pretty well.
Tuesday Lunch - a sealed cream cheese and jelly sandwich, more peppers, potato chips and a plum.

Hmm... seems I forgot to take a photo of A's snack for Tuesday.... He had cantelope and fruit leather I think but didn't eat much of it as it was one of the kids birthdays and he had cake!


  1. I'm glad you're back! I found your blog about a month ago and was hoping you'd begin posting again with the new school year. I love the lunches you pack because they look good, seem manageable to make, and give me lots of ideas!

  2. Hi Alie!! Please keep posting your lunches, I love looking at them!!! :)

    I'm so glad your store is stocking those containers! They are great for snacks and yours look so cute!