Thursday, March 11, 2010

A New Cheap Online Source for Bento Stuff

I bought most of my Bento stuff from a store called Ichibon Kan which used to offer it's products for ordering online. Ichibon Kan is like a Bento Dollar Store. Not the best quality but SUCH cheap prices! I was so bummed when they stopped the online service. :(

BUT I just heard of a new cheap bento store online! It is called fit All the bento stuff seems to be about $2 each! Check out the boxes and accessories.

I know absolutely nothing about his company but I'm hopeful and excited!

Dried Pineapple Flower

Snack today was crackers, cheese, pear and a piece of dried mango. The boys have never had dried mango before and I forgot to tell them what it was before they left for school. It look and tastes like candy though so I bet they won't hesitate to eatit. :)
Lunch today was mini bagels with cream cheese. One with dried pineapple (trying to make a flower) and one with cinnamon sugar. On the sade was berries and some fig newton cookies. It hit me when shopping yesterday that newton cokes are pretty much the same thing as cereal bars with less packaging...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sandwich and Mango

Snack today was cinnamon graham crackers with creme cheese and pear slices.

Lunch was PB&J sandwich topped with fruit leather, mango and bunny crackers.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Sassy lunch container!

S's snack in the blue container - broccoli, carrots, cheese and pretzels and Italian dressing to dip.
E's snack in the red container - guacamole, carrots, broccoli and pretzels.
Lunch today in our other new box. It's a Sassy box - another idea from Melissa at Another Lunch. I was worried, as it is marketed for babies, that it would be too small but it really is just right. I think if I used all of the inner containers at the same time it would be a little small for my 7 year olds but then it would be just right for the 3 year old. Using one, two or no inner containers gives just enough room for the 7 year olds, I think.

Today the boys had pizza, grapes and in the small container peanuts, raisins and a few chocolate chips on top.

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Lock and Lock Container!

Snack today was a cereal bar and some pears.
I was inspired by Mellisa's blog Another Lunch to get two new lunch containers. This lock and lock one is the first one. It is on sale for under $5!

Today the boys had carrots with dressing to dip, a cookie, crackers, peperoni, apples and oranges, cheese and turkey. I was trying to go for a Lunchable type thing...

A lunch for Me!

I was out of the house all day on Saturday so I packed myself a lunch. Cheese, grapes, cucumber, carrots and ranch for dipping and two turkey, cheese and lettuce roll ups. Oh and a little piece of tortilla with butter and cinnamon sugar just to fill that last small space. :) All yummy. The bad news though is that I left my lunch bag with the empty containers and my water bottle! Luckily they were found and I hope to pick them up later today.