Friday, May 28, 2010

3 More Days of School!

First a story. Yesterday when I was eating with the boys, a kid came up to E and said "every time I see you eating you are eating a lunch like this." E didn't say anything which is normal for him (the kid didn't ask him a question or give him a compliment so in E's view, no response is needed... ;) But I couldn't help myself... I said "He's just a lucky kid I guess" ;) The kid responded "It's just weird if you ask me"


Luckily, E didn't seem at all bothered by this kids opinion but I just wonder how long I'll be able to pack "cute-ish" lunches for the boys before they start demanding a sandwich in a baggie with an apple and some chips so their lunch will be less "weird". We shall see. Hopefully I will have my fun for another year at least.
Snack today was grapes and graham crackers with cream cheese.
Lunch was some veggies (carrot and red pepper), apple slices, a cereal bar, a cookie, cheese and crackers and peperoni.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

4 More Days of School

Snack today was some apples with caramel dipping (more soccer snack leftovers) and some cheese with crackers.
Lunch was a mini bagel with tuna fish, grapes, raw carrots, red pepper and cauliflower and chips.

A and I joined the big boys for lunch today. I had a cheese sandwich, grapes and chips.
A had grapes, carrot sticks, a cheese stick and blackberries in the top container. And tuna (in the round container) with chips in the bottom container.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

6 more days of school and 5 more days of school!

No lunches to pack for S and E these past two days!

Field day was on Tuesday and afterwards we went out to lunch. The boys LOVED field day and said it was "like having PE all day!" PE is certainly there favorite thing to do at school so the day was dreamy.

Wednesday they had a 1st grade picnic and ate burgers, watermelon, cookies and chips. I did however pack a lunch for myself and even talked A into letting me pack him a lunch. That wasn't too hard as he likes pasta way more than burgers. Although he did get a share of his brothers chips as he loves chips even more than sweets I think!Above is my lunch of yogurt with berries, a cereal bar and granola (the bottom of the batch which is why it looks like crumbs...
A had pasta with edamame and Parmesan cheese in the orange container, frozen blueberries and a cereal bar.

Monday, May 24, 2010

7 More Days of school!

Today was a field trip day to the zoo! S and E's classes were both going and I got to go and bring 3 year old A. Fun fun!

We all had disposable sack lunches with a juice bag, sandwich, pear slices, fruit leather, cucumber salad, and a rice crispy treat saved from the weekend soccer game. A just joined a soccer team and loves it - although I think he loves the snacks at he end of the game best of all. :)