Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 5 (Friday)

Friday snacks. S had a banana muffin and grapes. E had chips and grapes.
Lunch Friday was mac and cheese in the thermos, plum, carrots and a cookie.

Week 5 (Wednesday and Thursday)

Wednesday snacks. E had pear, dates and rice crackers with peanut butter. A had cheese and crackers. S had pear, dates, crackers and cheese.
Wednesday lunch was a sandwich, fruit leather, peppers and carrots and cantaloupe.
Thursday snack. S and E had grapes and granola bar. A had cantaloupe and rice crackers.
Lunch Thursday was apple, bunny crackers, a chocolate bar and yogurt.

Week 5 (Monday and Tuesday)

Monday's snack was apple with peanut butter and so cereal.
Monday's lunch was grapes, cantaloupe, crackers and cheese, some granola bar, date and a few almonds.
Snack on Tuesday was grapes and cheese for S, grapes and a banana muffin for A and grapes for E.
Lunch on Tuesday was egg salad, cantaloupe, tator tots with ketchup (yuk - I can't believe they wanted (and ate) these cold..) and a banana muffin.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 4 (Thursday and Friday)

Thursday snacks - A = peaches and cheese stick. S= peaches and crackers with cheese. E=peaches and rice crackers.
Thursday lunch = juice, cantaloupe and grapes, cinnamon roll with frosting and pizza.
Friday snacks. S=veggies, dip and chips with cheese (He loves the chips with cheese because someone told him it was like nachos) E= guacamole, veggies and chips. No cheese for him as I try to keep wheat, dairy and egg out of his classroom (where he eats snack) due to allergies. It is more of a courtesy than a requirement. That is good since I mess up sometimes... like the rice crackers yesterday which have soy sauce that contains wheat... whoops..
Lunch on Friday was yogurt, peaches, graham crackers and granola.

Week 4 (Tuesday and Wednesday - no school Monday)

The big boys S and E tell me that the little snack containers I've been using just don't hold enough snack for them so I'm trying to use these bigger containers some of the time. S and E had apples, peanut butter n the green containers and cereal. A (in the middle) had strawberries with a special treat of a few chocolate chips on top.
S and E had a birthday this week so today they had some party leftovers - pizza, cupcake, plum and a few veggies.
For snack on Wednesday S had cheese and tortilla chips, veggies and salad dressing in the green container. A had grapes and crackers with cheese. E had guacamole, chips an veggies.
For lunch they had a sandwich, cantaloupe and a piece of cinnamon roll (another birthday treat)