Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trendy new bread

So I've been seeing this new "trendy" bread recently at the store and on other lunch blogs. It has probably been around a while but I'm a bit slow... Anyway, we decided to try sandwich thins.

I was a bit worried as they pretty much look like the heal of the bread so they are all "crust". My boys aren't the biggest crust eaters so I was not sure how the sandwich thins would go over. Turns out they really likes them and I liked that they got less smashed than regular bread. Of course they are way pricier than regular bear and don't have the best ingredients list but I think they will be great lunch occasionally.Three year old A had a half sandwich of turkey and cheese with some cantelope and strawberries on the side.
The seven year olds had a whole sandwich with cantaloupe and strawberries on the side.
Since I didn't see any gluten free sandwich thins, I had a (not trendy) rice cake with turkeu and cheese with cantelope and strawberries on the side. ;)

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