Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 12 (Friday)

S's snack was apple, carrots, peppers and bunny crackers. E had apple slices and pretzels.

For lunch the boys had a bagel sandwich, grapes and rice pudding.

Week 12 (Wednesday and Thursday)

Lunch Wednesday was a sandwich, pear, cucumber and candy.
Wednesday's snacks. Plum, granola bar and fruit leather for S and E. Pear and bunny cookies for A.
Thursday's lunch was rollups, candy, zucchini bread, pear and carrots.
Thursday's snacks. A had plum and cheese stick. S had crackers with peanut butter, plum and a fruit rollup. E had plum and dates with peanut butter.

Week 12 (Monday and Tuesday)

Monday the boys had pizza, applesauce, juice and a cookie for lunch.
For snack they had pear slices and pepper slices. S also had bunny cookies and half of a granola bar.
Tuesday the boys had chicken noodle soup, apple sauce, a mini pita with cheese and some M&M's.
For snack on Tuesday E had pear, pretzels and peanuts. S had cheese and crackers, pepper slices and pear. A had pear, cheese and crackers.

Week 11 (Wednesday and Thursday)

Wednesday's lunch was pizza, coleslaw, berries and M&M's (which my 8 year olds still call MMM's. Too cute to correct... I'm sure their friends will correct them one day and they will give me grief)
I packed candy in their snack today, how bad is that? I am just anxious to get the stuff out of the house so I don't continue to eat it! Sa nd E had apple slices, o's ceral,, fruit leather and candy. A had berries, apple slices and candy,
Lunch on Thursday was berries, carrots, dates with peanut butter, little pitas with cheese, candy and bunny cookies.
Snack for A was pretzels, cheese and berries. E (who is asking for smaller snacks) had apple slices and (gluten and dairy free) pretzels. S had apple slices, pretzels and cheese.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 10 (Thursday and Friday)

S discovered "fruit loops" at a hotel breakfast buffet several months ago and has been asking for them for ages. Cascadian farms makes "fruit loops" with decent ingredients do I bought a box. S was thrilled. For snack Thursday S and E had fruit loops, apples and carrots. A had fruit loops, carrots and some cheese.
For lunch Thursday E and S had grapes, granola bar, date with peanut butter, pretzels and mini pitas with cheese.
For snack on Friday, S and E had apples, peanut butter to dip the apples in, o's cereal and fruit leather. A had apples and bunny cookies.

Week 10 (Wednesday)

Wednesday snacks for S and A (E had a field trip). A had apples and pretzels and S had apples, pretzels and a granola bar.
Wednesday's lunch for S was salami and cheese, crackers, a cookie and pear.
E's field trip lunch for Wednesday was pretzels, a cookie, apple slices, granola bar, roll up sandwiches in the foil and a juice.

Week 10 (Monday and Tuesday)

Monday's snack was some cavity causing caramel apples, cheese and pretzels for S and cashews and corn cakes for E.
S's lunch is on the left. He had pumpkin bread, cheese and salami, pears and crackers. E's lunch is on the right. He had crackers, pumpkin bread, egg salad and pears.
Tuesday's snacks were rice crackers for everyone, cheese for S and A and dates with peanut butter for E.
Tuesday's lunch was a sandwich, pumpkin bread and apple slices.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Week 9 (Friday)

Friday's lunch was yogurt, pears, granola bar and dried mango.
Friday's snack was apples, a few pears, and crackers with cheese (S) and peanut butter (E).

Week 9 (Wednsday and Thursday)

Wednesday's lunch was tortilla rollups, carrot sticks, apples and a cookie.
Wednesdays snacks. S and E had crackers with peanut butter, apple and fruit rollup (along with some cheese chubs for S. A had apples an cheese cubes.
Thursday's snacks were pear and rice crackers for everyone with the addition of nuts for E and cheese for S.
Thursday's lunch was apple slices, a cookie, ketchup in the green container, tator tots , crackers, cheese and salami.

Week 9 (Monday and Tuesday)

Mondays lunch was a sandwich, salad and chocolate cake.
For snack Monday, S had apple, cheese and crackers and E had apple sunflower seeds and crackers.
For snack Tuesday the boys had homemade apple sauce. Yum! S and E also had a granola bar with it.
Tuesday's lunch was grapes, pumpkin cake, cheese an crackers and peanut butter filled dates.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 8 (Wenesday, Thursday and Friday)

Wednesday snacks were date with peanut butter, nut bar and oranges for E, grapes and pretzels fro A, date with peanut butter, oranges and pretzels fro S.
Wednesday's lunch was a sandwich with a cheese pumpkin on top, grapes, a pretzel and marshmallow "ghosts" (which I think my brother invented. ;)
Thursday's snack was grape with cashews and dried apricots for S and E and grapes with cheese and dried apricots for A.
Thursdays lunch was a pizza bagel, apple slices, carrots and a marshmallow ghost.
No snack for Friday. The boys actually had off from school. We were out at lunchtime so I packed a lunch of cream cheese and jelly rollups, carrots, apple, grapes and pumpkin cake for the boys.

Week 8 (Monday and Tuesday)

Monday's lunch was pesto pasta in teh thermos, salad with dressing in the little green container and apple crisp.
Monday's snack was peach with corn thins for E and quesildillas for S.
Tuesday's lunch was chicken and cheddar, a pumpkin muffin, pineapple and a cookie.
Tuesday's snack was peaches, corn cakes with chocolate peanut butter for S and E and raisins and o's cereal for A.
My friend Sami was visiting and packed her very first bento for her flight home. Didn't she do a great job?? She had a cookie with grapes on top and carrots with a chicken sandwich on the bottom. Hope the lunch traveled well Sami and that you (both ;) enjoyed it!

Week 7 (Friday)

Friday's lunch was a plum, a cookie and some Brockie in the top container and some quesildillas with yogurt for dip in the bottom container.
For snack the boys had a fruit leather, dates with peanut butter, apple slices and raisins with a few chocolate covered raisins thrown in.
A and I needed packed lunches on Friday too. This is mine - a sandwich, plum and chips (which A ate. I don't know what I was thinking packing chips for me and none for him!)
A had quesildilla, yogurt, plum, broccoli and chocolate covered raisins in the white container.

Week 7 (Wednesday and Thursday)

Wednesday was a field trip day so the boys needed disposable lunches. THey had a sandwich, apple slices, a cookie, pretzels, a granola bar and juice.
A had a snack of plum, o's cereal and raisins.
Boy these Thursday snacks are pretty colorless... Graham crackers and cream cheese for A and S and corn thins with peanut butter for E. They all had oranges.
Lunch on Thursday was grapes, pretzels, a cookie, cheese, salami and some veggies.