Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Lunch

I find that I'm not making many Bento-like lunches this summer. The boys and I tend to go places together. Packing a box of sandwiches, one with fruit etc is so much quicker than packing four individual lunches..... But here is one I packed recently.The boys had sandwiches (I think this was egg salad), a half of a pear, nectarines, cucumber and "bear poop" (chocolate covered raisins and peanuts) that they got as a gift. They thought it was such fun to pretend to eat poop... As if we weren't hearing "potty talk" too much around here already. :)
I had yogurt, a corn muffin, nectarines, pear, cucumbers and carrots.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Pool Day Lunch

Here is A's lunch. He had a sandwich, granola bar, grapes and rice pudding.
S and E had a sandwich (there are two half sandwiches stacked), nectarines, grapes and rice pudding. They also had a granola bar that I put on top.

I had an open face cheese sandwich on a rice cake, grapes and rice pudding. I had a granola bar on top too.

I'm realizing that the boys eat MUCH more food during the summer. Probably because they are so much more active. E and S run 2-3 miles at track practice and then they all fool around in the pool for several hours. They also have more time to eat so that helps!