Friday, March 19, 2010

Mac and cheese and apples

Snack today was cinnamon graham crackers with creme cheese, a few little cookies and some berries. I've stopped sending the cute little picks with the berries and other small foods as the boys say they just eat them with their hands anyway and the pick "gets in the away". The are such boys...
Lunch was macaroni and cheese in the thermos, apples, peanut butter in the dark green container, dried pineapple in the light green container and a granola bar.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Four Lunches

Snack today was apples, cheese and pretzels.
For lunch the boys had a homemade "uncrustable" with a fruit leather heart on top, berries and a granola bar.
This is my lunch. A and I ate at the park with friends. I'm LOVING the spring weather! I had turkey and cheese roll ups, strawberries, a few cucumber slices, fig newton and some cheese.
A had some pretzels and bunny crackers, strawberries, ham wrapped around cheese and some dried pineapple and mango.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A very Lame St Patricks Day Lunch

This morning I woke up and looked at the calender. "hmm.. St Patrick's day...". I searched the house for green food and didn't come up with much - lettuce, pickles and an apple with a greenish tint. The boys don't like pickles so that didn't leave me with much. ..
Snack today was an apple with peanut butter (S) or cheese stick(E) and a fig newton .
Lunch was a salad, egg salad(E) or tuna salad(S) and some potato chips. Probably not the most filling lunch but the boys have a pizza party at 3:00pm so I think they will be fine.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rollups and a muffin

S's snack is in the blue box. He had veggies and pretzels with cheese. E's snack is in the red box. He had guacamole with chips and veggies.
Lunch today was a roll up (creme cheese and jelly for S and ham and cheese for E), pears, half of a banana muffin and a fruit roll up.

Monday, March 15, 2010


The boys ditched school on Friday and we went skiing instead! I have not been on my skis in 8 years (since I got pregnant with the twins - S and E) My parents have taken S and E skiing a few times a year since they were 3 years old. I went along when they were 3 (though did not ski myself) The year after that I gave birth to A and my parents took S and E skiing without me for a few years. This year A is learning to ski too so I get to join the fun! I pulled out my 20 year old ski stuff and did wonder for a minute if it really was safe to ski on 20 year old equipment that has been sitting for 8 years. I decided it would be fine since I would be confined to the bunny hill. Well it's probably a good thing that I stayed on the bunny hill because by lunch time my boots were literally falling apart! After lunch I ran behind A while he skied and people kept giving me the pieces of my boots that fell off behind me! My regular boots were way back at the car so I ended the day wearing just the ski boot lining on my feet! Here is a photo of one of the boots when it started to crack. Crazy!I DID pack us a lunch on Friday but we were running too late for me to get a picture.
Here is E and S's snack for today. Cantaloupe and graham crackers with cream cheese. With the time change, I no longer have sunlight to take pictures in the morning. Bummer. Hopefully in a few weeks...
Lunch today was some bunny crackers, strawberries an blueberries, chicken, cookies and ketchup in the green container for dipping the chicken into.
A and I joined DADDY for lunch today! My lunch is above - yogurt, strawberries and a granola bar.
A had a hard boiled egg, strawberries, a few little cookies and pasta with butter. He REALLY wanted pasta so that he could use the little orange guy who is filled with Parmesan cheese.