Monday, March 15, 2010


The boys ditched school on Friday and we went skiing instead! I have not been on my skis in 8 years (since I got pregnant with the twins - S and E) My parents have taken S and E skiing a few times a year since they were 3 years old. I went along when they were 3 (though did not ski myself) The year after that I gave birth to A and my parents took S and E skiing without me for a few years. This year A is learning to ski too so I get to join the fun! I pulled out my 20 year old ski stuff and did wonder for a minute if it really was safe to ski on 20 year old equipment that has been sitting for 8 years. I decided it would be fine since I would be confined to the bunny hill. Well it's probably a good thing that I stayed on the bunny hill because by lunch time my boots were literally falling apart! After lunch I ran behind A while he skied and people kept giving me the pieces of my boots that fell off behind me! My regular boots were way back at the car so I ended the day wearing just the ski boot lining on my feet! Here is a photo of one of the boots when it started to crack. Crazy!I DID pack us a lunch on Friday but we were running too late for me to get a picture.
Here is E and S's snack for today. Cantaloupe and graham crackers with cream cheese. With the time change, I no longer have sunlight to take pictures in the morning. Bummer. Hopefully in a few weeks...
Lunch today was some bunny crackers, strawberries an blueberries, chicken, cookies and ketchup in the green container for dipping the chicken into.
A and I joined DADDY for lunch today! My lunch is above - yogurt, strawberries and a granola bar.
A had a hard boiled egg, strawberries, a few little cookies and pasta with butter. He REALLY wanted pasta so that he could use the little orange guy who is filled with Parmesan cheese.

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  1. Oh, Daylight Savings Time! That makes sense. I've been so irritated by the lack of light in the mornings and it didn't even dawn on me it was a DST issue! Doh!
    I love the monkey! Parmesan is such a great idea for it! :)