Friday, October 2, 2009

Pita sandwiches

S's snack for today - apples, peanut butter crackers and a date nut muffin. This was my last attempt with these muffins and they were rejected once again. Oh well, I tried. :)
Lunch today was pita bread with cheddar cheese topped with a fruit leather flower, strawberrties and popcorn. An empty box came back. :)
E had to have another "disposable lunch" for another field trip. He had a pita sandwich with turkey and cheddar, strawberries, pretzels, apple juice and a fruit leather rectangle (I kind of ran out of time to cut his in a flower shape...) I worried a little that a refrigerator cold drink box would be enough to keep a turkey sandwich cold enough for safety. He didn't get sick so I GUESS it was ok... My thought was that I've seen cold cuts out at a party for a few hours without ice or refrigeration. Then again, these particular cold cuts don't have nitrates to help "preserve" them. I did consider freezing the juice box first but figured there was not much chance of it defrosting by lunch. The lunch is unrefrigerated for 3-4 hours. Any thoughts?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pesto Pizza - II

Lunch first today - pesto pizza, applesauce and carrots. I'm realizing that we have pesto and/or pizza quite a bit.... I guess you could say they are favorites around here.
For snack - apples, carrot and some cracker cheese sandwiches.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meat and cheese skewers

Snack today - nuts and oranges. Although I never got to speak with the parents of the girl in S's class with the self proclaimed allergies, I spoke to other parents who know her and her family. All of them said that they never heard of her having a peanut allergy. So I started to send peanuts with S again.
For lunch today we have turkey, cheese and pepperoni skewers, a roll, apples and a cookies. I didn't expect S to eat the turkey but he did! Woo hoo! Presentation is everything apparently.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Disposable Lunch

Today the boys went on a field trip. The teacher asked that the kids each bring a "disposable lunch". Hmmm.... Haven't I been trying hard to send them a lunch where they DON'T throw anything away?! Oh well. Above is the boys lunches - a sandwich, juice box, apple sauce, strawberries and chips. The chips are from a neighbor who gave them to me when her kids didn't like them. Now that I think of it, we got those Welches fruit gummy things that way too... Wonder if the neighbors think I'm depriving my kids of "junk food".. :) :) Anyway, I secretly hoped the boys would not like the chips but no such luck. :)
I was a chaperone on the trip and this is my lunch. Rice crackers, cheese sticks, pear, apple sauce and nuts with raisins. This was yummy but too much food. I think the boxes help with portion control.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Snack today was cheese, crackers (yeah! I finally bought healthier ones) and orange. One of our cases broke. Actually this is the second one that broke - we started out with three. I got these at the Disney Store. I'm not sure about these boxes with the snap on lids. I'll be using the blue one shown above from now on. It is from Ichiban Kan but has the same kind of snap on lid. We'll see if it lasts any better. I kind of doubt it as it seems flimsier but who knows.
For lunch the boys both had rollups, strawberries and some apple crisp. One rollup came home with each boy. I think the snack was very filling.