Monday, September 28, 2009


Snack today was cheese, crackers (yeah! I finally bought healthier ones) and orange. One of our cases broke. Actually this is the second one that broke - we started out with three. I got these at the Disney Store. I'm not sure about these boxes with the snap on lids. I'll be using the blue one shown above from now on. It is from Ichiban Kan but has the same kind of snap on lid. We'll see if it lasts any better. I kind of doubt it as it seems flimsier but who knows.
For lunch the boys both had rollups, strawberries and some apple crisp. One rollup came home with each boy. I think the snack was very filling.


  1. I bought four of those Disney boxes. I had doubts when I bought them because so many on the shelf were already broken, but I justified it since they were marked way down on sale and I was just using them for myself and another careful adult. Since I have only used each one once, they're still intact (one flap fell off once, but I was able to snap it back on).

  2. Amy, good to know they work well for you. I think part of the problem is that the napkins get caught under the edges and the tabs break when you force them to seal over the napkin.