Friday, September 11, 2009

Mock Lunchables

No photo of snack today. It was raw veggies and pear slices. For lunch I made the boys mock Lunchables. In retrospect, I don't think the boys even know what a lunchable is but I figure it is still a good lunch idea. S's lunch is above. Swiss and cheddar cheese hearts and peperoni. E had turkey too. In the other container they had crackers, chocolate and an orange (which I later peeled)

S stayed home sick today and didn't have much of an appetite so not much of his lunch got eaten. E enjoyed his lunch.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pizza Bagel

Snack! Nuts (almonds for E and peanuts for S), half of a little orange and some red pepper.
Lunch! 2 mini bagel pizzas, a zuchini muffin (S was not fooled and wouldn't eat it without the chocolate frosting..), half of a banana, blueberries, carrots and red pepper strips. This lunch was hit with the exception of the bananas which neither boy ate and the muffin for S.

This is A's lunch which got packed today since we would be out and about at lunchtime. Apples almonds and vanilla yogurt is in the blue container and mini pizza bagels are in the bottom container. He only ate one of the pizza bagels and just a spoonful of the pudding. He shared his apples and almonds with a friend who gave him a granola bar and fruit leather. I wonder if S and E ever trade/share parts of their lunch. Hmm..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Peanut butter and honey silly face

E's snack is on the left - half of a small orange and a cheese stick. S's snack is on the right - the other half of the orange and peanuts.

Lunch today was a peanut butter and honey sandwich with cracker eyes and raisin pupils. Sides were blueberries and bunny crackers. E ate everything but S didn't. I think he is coming down with a cold which might explain the lack of appetite
A and I joined the boys for lunch today. Above is A's lunch. A heart shaped cream cheese and jelly sandwich, half of a little orange, salted almonds, blueberries and graham crackers. He ate everything except some blueberries and the graham crackers.

This is my kind of boring lunch of yogurt and bananas cooked with cinnamon. Boring but yummy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Raviolli and meatball - dry

Check out the new water bottles for the boys desks. Aren't they pretty? The old water bottles (which they have been using since they were 3 years old) are starting to leak. The only way to not have them leak is to put the top on so tightly that the boys end up not being able to open it on their own. So when we saw these bottles over the weekend we decided it was time for new ones.

For snack we have grapes and nuts. Peanuts for S and some yummy almonds for E. We found these almonds at Costco and luckily they were giving out samples. E and A really liked them and there is no peanut oil on them so they are safe in E's classroom. S. didn't like them. In case you haven't figured it out yet, he is the picky eater of the family...
Lunch today was vanilla pudding in the square container along side of apple slices and meatballs and mini cheese ravioli in the bottom container. I had planned to pack a small container of sauce for dipping but they both said they like to eat them "dry". Less messy anyway!