Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 3 (Thursday and Friday)

Everyone had cereal and a plum for snack on Thursday.
The big boys had cheese and crackers, cheese stick, peperoni, sweet peppers, granola bar and cookie and cantaloupe for lunch.

I'm SURE I packed a snack and lunch for Friday but apparently didn't take any photos... Oh well.

Week 3 (Wednesday)

S wanted a bigger snack today so his is in the middle. He had grapes and graham crackers with cream cheese. E's on the right was chips and grapes and A had apple slices and cream cheese on graham crackers.
For lunch the big boys used their lap top lunchbox. We don't use these too often as the boys only have 20 minutes to eat and are slow eaters. This box hold more than they can eat in that time. By filling one area with juice, however, it works great and holds just enough. The juice is a rare treat to them too so they love it. ;) They had cheddar melted on English muffins, juice, apple slices, a brownie and peanut butter in the green container for dipping the apples.
A and I joined them for lunch today. A had a cream cheese and jelly roll ups, a cheese stick, chips and cantaloupe.
I had a sandwich, chips and cantaloupe.

Week 3 (Monday and Tuesday)

Monday's snack for all the boys was plum and pirate booty.
For lunch the 7 year olds had a sandwich with cantaloupe and a brownie.

For snack on Tuesday S and E had granola bars and a plum and A had cantaloupe and Graham crackers.
S's lunch on Tuesday was cantaloupe, chips, a sandwich and carrots.
E has cucumbers, cheese sticks, guacamole, chips and cantaloupe.