Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 10 (Thursday and Friday)

S discovered "fruit loops" at a hotel breakfast buffet several months ago and has been asking for them for ages. Cascadian farms makes "fruit loops" with decent ingredients do I bought a box. S was thrilled. For snack Thursday S and E had fruit loops, apples and carrots. A had fruit loops, carrots and some cheese.
For lunch Thursday E and S had grapes, granola bar, date with peanut butter, pretzels and mini pitas with cheese.
For snack on Friday, S and E had apples, peanut butter to dip the apples in, o's cereal and fruit leather. A had apples and bunny cookies.

Week 10 (Wednesday)

Wednesday snacks for S and A (E had a field trip). A had apples and pretzels and S had apples, pretzels and a granola bar.
Wednesday's lunch for S was salami and cheese, crackers, a cookie and pear.
E's field trip lunch for Wednesday was pretzels, a cookie, apple slices, granola bar, roll up sandwiches in the foil and a juice.

Week 10 (Monday and Tuesday)

Monday's snack was some cavity causing caramel apples, cheese and pretzels for S and cashews and corn cakes for E.
S's lunch is on the left. He had pumpkin bread, cheese and salami, pears and crackers. E's lunch is on the right. He had crackers, pumpkin bread, egg salad and pears.
Tuesday's snacks were rice crackers for everyone, cheese for S and A and dates with peanut butter for E.
Tuesday's lunch was a sandwich, pumpkin bread and apple slices.