Friday, December 4, 2009

Chicken and Cheese Quesildillas

Cheese and grapes today for snack. They both said they really liked the hummus yesterday although they didn't eat much of it. They said that was because I only packed 5 carrots. When I said "what about the crackers?" they said that they didn't know they could dip the crackers.... ok..... Fine with me, I'll just pack more carrots next time!
Lunch today was chicken and cheese quesildillas and a little container of yogurt dip, cooked cauliflower, berries, orange and two chocolate kisses.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Woo hoo - a new snack food! The boys both decided that they like hummus! Yippiee! Todays snack was hummus with carrots and crackers for dipping. I realize that cheese crackers were probably not the best choice to go with hummus but they love cheese cracker so I thought I'd get better buy in on the hummus...
This is S's lunch. On top he had some Wild Puffs cereal, fruit leather, grilled chicken and some BBQ sauce in the bear container. On the bottom he had blackberries and oranges. I love it when berries are on sale for $0.88 a pack in the winter! A had the same lunch except with egg salad instead of chicken.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We are back!

Between Thanksgiving break and travel, the boys haven't been to school in a while! But we are getting back into the swing of things today. Snack for E on the left is cheese sticks, apple and orange slices. S's snack on the right has peanuts, orange and apple slices. I like putting orange slices between apple slices - it keeps them form browning. :)

Lunch today was some bunny shaped mac and cheese (Thanks to my SIL whose kids rejected this brand of pasta). I added some green beans which the boys won't appreciate but will eat. :) In the side container, I packed apple slices, freeze dried pears and some cookies left over from our plane trip - gotta love new and exciting snacks!
This is a photo of one of the lunches packed for the airplane. Quesildillas, carrots, orange peppers and grapes.