Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yogurt and Berries

S's snack on the left = apples, carrots, pretzels and peanut butter for dipping.
E's snack on the right = guacamole, veggies and pretzels.
Lunch today was watermelon, a cookie, yogurt and berries. I defrosted tehm forst but OI'm thinking that it probably wasn't necessary.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And yet ANOTHER field trip for E

Two field trips in a row for E! What fun! On field trip days the boys don't get a snack time. When I'm packing their field trip lunch I try to pack the same amount of food that I usually pack them for snack and lunch. From the field trips I have attended, they seem to get close to a half hour to eat (vs the 15 minutes they get for school lunch) so I figure it would work out. It is not however working for E. The kid eats veryly slow so the other kids are finished before him and he wants to play with them rather than finish eating. I think I'll have to start packing less food for him on field trip days. S on the other hand seems to have no problem eating the bigger lunches on field trip day. One of the many ways my twins are different...

For lunch today I packed E a tortilla roll up with cream cheese and jelly, some water melon, grapes and cheese, a granola bar, and a juice box. All he ate was the roll up, the juice and half of the granola bar.
For snack today S had grapes and cheese.
For lunch S had a cream cheese and jelly roll up, watermelon, a cookie (cut in half to fit), cauliflower and a date with peanut butter. He ate every crumb.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Field trip for E

A field trip lunch for E. Two cheese sticks with crackers (actually I added a third at the last minute), pear slices, grapes, fruit leather, water and graham cracker "sandwich" with cream cheese.
S had pizza, pears, broccoli and a fruit leather strip for lunch.

S's snack was cheese, grapes and crackers. He told me that this new favorite snack is anything with sharp cheddar cheese.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tiny Bananas

S's snack on the left - cheese and crackers, cauliflower and a tiny banana. These bananas are so cute! I hope they solve the problem of stinking up the lunchbox since I didn't have to cut it in half first before fitting it in the box.

E's snack on the right us guacamole with veggies and crackers to dip.

Lunch today is pasta in the thermos with watermelon and a cookie on the side.