Friday, October 2, 2009

Pita sandwiches

S's snack for today - apples, peanut butter crackers and a date nut muffin. This was my last attempt with these muffins and they were rejected once again. Oh well, I tried. :)
Lunch today was pita bread with cheddar cheese topped with a fruit leather flower, strawberrties and popcorn. An empty box came back. :)
E had to have another "disposable lunch" for another field trip. He had a pita sandwich with turkey and cheddar, strawberries, pretzels, apple juice and a fruit leather rectangle (I kind of ran out of time to cut his in a flower shape...) I worried a little that a refrigerator cold drink box would be enough to keep a turkey sandwich cold enough for safety. He didn't get sick so I GUESS it was ok... My thought was that I've seen cold cuts out at a party for a few hours without ice or refrigeration. Then again, these particular cold cuts don't have nitrates to help "preserve" them. I did consider freezing the juice box first but figured there was not much chance of it defrosting by lunch. The lunch is unrefrigerated for 3-4 hours. Any thoughts?


  1. My son just about always drinks such things boxed drinks (and ice teas) at room temperature and always had. If it is not kept in a fridge in the store we don't put it in a fridge at home - and just drink it room temp! It made life soooooo much easier!

  2. Thanks for your comment elismaura. I'm not actually concerned about the drink though. I'm concerned about the turkey. I'm wondering if a cold drink box is enough to keep the turkey from spoiling. :)

  3. It wouldn't pass restaurant food safety rules, but I would probably eat it. I remember my mom sending me a frozen juice box with a spoon, since it would be slushy by lunch time. Open the top of juice box after drinking most of the liquid (might have the boy practice opening one at home, first).