Thursday, March 11, 2010

A New Cheap Online Source for Bento Stuff

I bought most of my Bento stuff from a store called Ichibon Kan which used to offer it's products for ordering online. Ichibon Kan is like a Bento Dollar Store. Not the best quality but SUCH cheap prices! I was so bummed when they stopped the online service. :(

BUT I just heard of a new cheap bento store online! It is called fit All the bento stuff seems to be about $2 each! Check out the boxes and accessories.

I know absolutely nothing about his company but I'm hopeful and excited!


  1. Man I got all excited then they don't ship outside the US! Nice find though :)

  2. Uh oh! You're going to get me in trouble!
    (I still miss Ichiban Kan, though. Their site was easier to navigate)

  3. I know! I am SO excited!!! My friend was in Houston last weekend and bought me a bunch of stuff on my list from FIT! I cant wait to go there! They dont have everything available online. Happy Shopping!