Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rollups and a muffin

S's snack is in the blue box. He had veggies and pretzels with cheese. E's snack is in the red box. He had guacamole with chips and veggies.
Lunch today was a roll up (creme cheese and jelly for S and ham and cheese for E), pears, half of a banana muffin and a fruit roll up.


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  2. I was linked to you blog from Melissa and I just wanted to invite you over to my blog if you have time. I am just beginning but am also a mother of boys :) http://mylovehatewithpackinglunches.blogspot.com/

  3. Thanks for the invite. I always like to "meet" other Moms (especially of boys) who blog about lunches! Great to meet you! Your lunches look great! How old is the boy(s?) you are packing lunches for?

    I tried to post this comment to your blog but was unable to get it to post for some reason.