Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 8 (Wenesday, Thursday and Friday)

Wednesday snacks were date with peanut butter, nut bar and oranges for E, grapes and pretzels fro A, date with peanut butter, oranges and pretzels fro S.
Wednesday's lunch was a sandwich with a cheese pumpkin on top, grapes, a pretzel and marshmallow "ghosts" (which I think my brother invented. ;)
Thursday's snack was grape with cashews and dried apricots for S and E and grapes with cheese and dried apricots for A.
Thursdays lunch was a pizza bagel, apple slices, carrots and a marshmallow ghost.
No snack for Friday. The boys actually had off from school. We were out at lunchtime so I packed a lunch of cream cheese and jelly rollups, carrots, apple, grapes and pumpkin cake for the boys.

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