Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 11 (Wednesday and Thursday)

Wednesday's lunch was pizza, coleslaw, berries and M&M's (which my 8 year olds still call MMM's. Too cute to correct... I'm sure their friends will correct them one day and they will give me grief)
I packed candy in their snack today, how bad is that? I am just anxious to get the stuff out of the house so I don't continue to eat it! Sa nd E had apple slices, o's ceral,, fruit leather and candy. A had berries, apple slices and candy,
Lunch on Thursday was berries, carrots, dates with peanut butter, little pitas with cheese, candy and bunny cookies.
Snack for A was pretzels, cheese and berries. E (who is asking for smaller snacks) had apple slices and (gluten and dairy free) pretzels. S had apple slices, pretzels and cheese.

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  1. Great lunch ideas! I love the cheese stuffed mini pitas. I'll be trying those soon:)