Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 4 (Tuesday and Wednesday - no school Monday)

The big boys S and E tell me that the little snack containers I've been using just don't hold enough snack for them so I'm trying to use these bigger containers some of the time. S and E had apples, peanut butter n the green containers and cereal. A (in the middle) had strawberries with a special treat of a few chocolate chips on top.
S and E had a birthday this week so today they had some party leftovers - pizza, cupcake, plum and a few veggies.
For snack on Wednesday S had cheese and tortilla chips, veggies and salad dressing in the green container. A had grapes and crackers with cheese. E had guacamole, chips an veggies.
For lunch they had a sandwich, cantaloupe and a piece of cinnamon roll (another birthday treat)


  1. Everything looks yummy! Do you dip your apples in anything to stop them from browning?

  2. Amy - I actually don't dip them in anything. I don't peal them and I slice them in such a way that I can pack them compactly so very little of the flesh is exposed to air. They don't brown much at all.

  3. of my twins is always asking for apples but I thought they would brown. I think I will try it;)

  4. My kids love apples and seem to eat more of it if I cut the apples. I usually pour a little Sprite over the cut apples and pack in something spill proof, my kids tell me they don't brown at all.