Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 4 (Thursday and Friday)

Thursday snacks - A = peaches and cheese stick. S= peaches and crackers with cheese. E=peaches and rice crackers.
Thursday lunch = juice, cantaloupe and grapes, cinnamon roll with frosting and pizza.
Friday snacks. S=veggies, dip and chips with cheese (He loves the chips with cheese because someone told him it was like nachos) E= guacamole, veggies and chips. No cheese for him as I try to keep wheat, dairy and egg out of his classroom (where he eats snack) due to allergies. It is more of a courtesy than a requirement. That is good since I mess up sometimes... like the rice crackers yesterday which have soy sauce that contains wheat... whoops..
Lunch on Friday was yogurt, peaches, graham crackers and granola.

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  1. Hi Alie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog today!
    I LOVE yours! What a great idea!!
    I take it E and S are twins. My boys are twins too!
    I was reading through your blog and found out you have a clutter free home, but hate to clean. You and ME both!
    I am going to copy some of your lunch ideas. They look yummy!