Friday, May 28, 2010

3 More Days of School!

First a story. Yesterday when I was eating with the boys, a kid came up to E and said "every time I see you eating you are eating a lunch like this." E didn't say anything which is normal for him (the kid didn't ask him a question or give him a compliment so in E's view, no response is needed... ;) But I couldn't help myself... I said "He's just a lucky kid I guess" ;) The kid responded "It's just weird if you ask me"


Luckily, E didn't seem at all bothered by this kids opinion but I just wonder how long I'll be able to pack "cute-ish" lunches for the boys before they start demanding a sandwich in a baggie with an apple and some chips so their lunch will be less "weird". We shall see. Hopefully I will have my fun for another year at least.
Snack today was grapes and graham crackers with cream cheese.
Lunch was some veggies (carrot and red pepper), apple slices, a cereal bar, a cookie, cheese and crackers and peperoni.


  1. I ran into this, not because it's not cool, sometimes I can still pack her a lunch (oldest daughter) it's because she prefers hot lunch :(.

  2. Lucky for me, they don't seem to be at all interested in the hot lunches... yet. ;)

  3. Boooo on that boy! :( BOO! I say!!

    I'm lucky that Ethan's peers are intrigued by his lunches. The only time he was self-conscious is if the outer container is less mature. Like, he won't take any of our old Disney Cars boxes, but as far as the bento thing goes, that's cool beans with everyone! The other kids are so jealous of his picks they are always asking him to give them away. LOL (I don't THINK so!) :P

    I love your son's response to the kid. That would be Owen's reaction to such a statement too. :)

  4. hey, Alie, would you email me?

    anotherlunch (at) gmail (dot) com


  5. Melissa - I e-mailed you.

    Hopefully it is just this one kid who has something negative to say about the lunches. I seriously think the boys they usually sit with don't even notice each others lunches much. If they sat with girls I bet it would be a different story. :)

  6. Awww, I'm sorry, Alie. We haven't had much of that yet, but I'm not sure if it's because my oldest is a girl and girls like cutesy little things. Her friends are still fascinated with her lunch.

    Honestly though, Faith is such a sarcastic child (I have no idea where she might get that ;o) ) that I could totally hear her say something like "My mom loves me enough to pack good, healthy lunches than this junk in the cafeteria." She's not subtle at all and puts up with no one. I've hit the point where I'm not going to stop her or force her to be nice to someone who is rude to her.