Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to School - Week 2 (Wednesday and Thursday)

Wednesday snacks = E had cantaloupe and granola bites, A had cheese and cantaloupe and S had cantaloupe and cheese with crackers.
Wednesday lunch was a sandwich with a cheddar and pepperoni heart on top, watermelon and two cookies.
Thursday snacks = S had cantaloupe and granola bar, E had cantaloupe and almonds, A had grapes and cereal.
Thursday lunch = grilled cheese, grapes and a cookie.

It is nice making snacks for A this year. Unlike his brothers he is thrilled to discover what I packed him. Enjoying this while it lasts...


  1. Everything looks delicious! How sweet that A is excited about his bento :)

  2. Great lunches! My son starts preschool next week, so we'll be trying out our very first bento. I ordered a bunch of supplies from ebay and am excited to try it out.

  3. Those little snack boxes all lined up like that are adorable! :)