Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to School - Week 2 (Friday)

Friday's snacks = Grapes, plum and granola bar for S, grapes, plum and almonds for E and grapes and pirate booty for A (who didn't have preschool... whoops! (oh well, he enjoyed eating it at home)
Friday = E's lunch was pasta with tomato sauce in the thermos, pirate booty, grapes, cucumbers and dip for the cucumbers.
Friday lunch for S was a sandwich, grapes, pirate booty and veggies.


  1. I love the Pirate Booty in its own little cup.

  2. what kind of boxes are the clear with blue sides? they look like a really great size for my 3 year old's bentos.

  3. Meridith, the boxes are from Cost Plus World Market. They are little - around the size of a deck of cards. Great for a snack. :)