Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to School - week 1 - part 2

A and I joined S and E for lunch on Tuesday. This is A's lunch - pesto pasta with garbanzo beans, plum, cucumbers (from the garden!) and potato chips.
Mommy's lunch on Tuesday - tomato soup (it was a cold day and I was in the mood for soup..), quesildilla, plums and cucumbers.
Snacks for all three boys on Wednesday - apple sauce with cinnamon. Yep..... This is why I would never call what I do "bento." Some mornings, pouring some apple sauce out of a jar and sprinkling cinnamon is all I've got in me. ;)
Lunch for S and E was a mock "lunchable" - crackers, turky, pepperoni and cheese, cantelope and a granola bar.

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