Friday, August 28, 2009

Waffle Grilled Cheese

First off today are the snacks. Last night E loved dipping carrots and cucumbers (both from the garden - yum!) in to a "dip" so I thought I'd pack that for todays snack. How could I resist a kid who was loving his veggies? It wasn't until later that I thought about the fact that the "dip" was made with mayo and it would be unrefrigerated for two hours. Yikes! Well he didn't get sick so I guess it was ok. By the way the "dip" was just mayo mixed with ketchup. I know, sounds gross but it is really quite good! S had peanuts and raspberries. All the raspberries came home and he has decided he doesn't like them anymore... He is so fickle recently.

For lunch both boys had grilled cheese sandwiches made in the waffle iron, carrots, unbaked oatmeal cookies (Dad is baking again) and pears. I love making grilled cheese in the waffle iron. It is quick (no flipping), easy (just put some cheese between two slices of bread, place in machine and close lid) and since there is no butter it is probably better for you and easier to clean up! a pear slice or two and about a half of a sandwich worth of grilled cheese (the "crusts") came back home. I think I'll trim the crusts off next time. That sometimes backfires though and they eat only to the non existing crust... sigh..

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