Saturday, August 29, 2009


My weekend project was to make some cloth napkins to pack in the boys lunches. My original idea was to hem them but then I got lazy and decided to just cut them out with pinking shears. We shall see how they last. I wanted to make napkins for two reasons. For one, it's better for the environment for them not to throw out napkins every day. We use cloth napkins at home and I didn't realize until this week how many paper napkins we would go through just packing them in the boys lunches and snacks! Four paper napkins a day adds up quickly! The other reason I wanted to have cloth napkins in the boys' lunches was that I wanted to decrease the likelihood that they would accidentally throw something (lid etc) out with the napkin. By trying to have a waste free lunch there will be no need to throw anything away and hopefully all the tupperware etc. will make it back home! They did awesome last week - they haven't lost anything yet! (I hope I didn't just jink us...)


  1. I had been meaning to send material to my mother to make napkins with. Such a good idea, but I am completely sewing handicapped!

  2. Veganf - I'll let you know how these no sew napkins hold up!

  3. My kids go back to school Thursday. I was thinking about making smaller napkins for their lunch boxes. The ones we use at home are just too large to take to school. I hadn't thought about no sew napkins, what a great idea!