Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roll ups

S and E had similar lunches and snacks today again. Today I tried to pack more food.
E had the same snack as yesterday- cantaloupe and cheese stick. S had cantaloupe and peanuts (now that I've been assured that peanuts are ok in his classroom.) I forgot to take photos of the snack boxes. Both snack containers came back empty.
For lunch they had roll ups. S. had cream cheese and jelly and E had turkey and cheese. Next to the roll ups are fruit snacks. In the second lunch container they had pretzels and fruit (pear for S and peaches for E).
They both left about 1/3 of the food from their lunch. Maybe I packed too much. They only have 20 minutes to eat which is not much time at all. I think packing the fruit snacks was a mistake. Those take too long to chew!

A and I ate lunch with S and E today. Above is my lunch. I had a rice cake with turkey, cheese, mustard and garden fresh tomatos (yum!), peanuts and raisins and cantaloupe. I always have a hard time packing rice cakes. They get soggy if I pack them with anything with the least bit of moisture. I have taken to packing them in plastic baggies and laying the toppings on top of the baggies. Then when I want to at, I take the toppings off, take the rice cake out of the bag and reassemble. Kind of a pain and it adds to the waste which I don't like.

A had fruit snacks (out of the bag since he can't open it), cantaloupe, pretzels, turkey roll ups and a cheese stick. I realized that the fruit snacks were definitely a problem when it took A the entire lunch period to eat JUST the fruit snacks! In the fruit snacks defense however a friend tells me that this brand is usually not that hard to chew. I think I've just had them in the pantry too long.

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