Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School!

Here it is! The very first school lunch for S and E. Yesterday was the first day of first grade! They each got the same lunch and snack today.

Their snack is in the grey container. They will eat this mid morning. They had cheese stick and cantaloupe.

Their lunch is in the larger clear container. They had a cream cheese and jelly sandwich shaped like a heart. Veggie booty, carrots, raspberries and the small square container has chocolate pudding.

The drink is water which they will have most every day. They also have a water bottle on their desk to drink with snack (and any other time during the day when they get thirsty).

When I emptied their lunch boxes they had eaten everything with the exception of a few squished raspberries. S was very hungery when he got home. Tomorrow I will pack more food!

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  1. Our kids' elementary school just started a 'bring your own water bottle' policy too.