Wednesday, September 23, 2009

xoxo sandwich

Snack today - cheese and grape skewers. As a followup from yesturday, I spoke to S's teacher and she said she has no knowledge of that girls allergy to peanuts. She said neither she nor the school nurse have been alerted. The teacher thinks the girl just made it up. Maybe she just doesn't LIKE peanuts and tells people she has an allergy? The teachers comment was "well she has been ok so far". ok....... but aren't peanuts usually a LIFE THREATENING allergy???! To play it safe I figured I'd skip the peanuts until I can ask one of her parents or grandparents who pick her up or drop her off to school.
For today I got to play with my new letter cookie cutters. They are actually Wilton brand and are meant for cutting out fondant for cake decorating. They worked pretty well with fruit leather. For lunch we have a creme cheese and jelly sandwich with x's and o's made of fruit leather, some carrots a pear and a date nut bran muffin. The muffins came back home - not a hit.

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