Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pesto Pizza

Snack today is banana and cheese. I sneaked in a few pieces of mozzarella cheese stick to see if S would notice - he did. I can't understand why he likes grated mozzarella cheese and fresh mozzarella cheese but not the cheese sticks.
For lunch the boys had pesto pizza bagels (using pesto instead of tomato sauce), granola bar, a few carrots and cantaloupe. Anything with pesto is a sure hit for them. Which reminds me that I really should make one more batch for the freezer before my basil freezes...
A and I joined the boys for lunch again today. A had regular cheese pizza bagels. He is not a fan of pesto. Please don't be alarmed by the weird looking cheese. I was all out of mozzarella except for cheese sticks so I cut one of them up - looks weird huh? Along with the pizza A had cantaloupe and pretzels. He ate all but a few pretzels.

This is my lunch of yogurt (a little strawberry and a little vanilla), cantaloupe a cookie and granola that I poured over the yogurt. Yum!

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