Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mac and Cheese

For snack today the boys had nuts (peanuts for S and almonds for E) with raisins and a half of a banana. I volunteered in S's class this morning and the girl who sits behind him told me that she was allergic to peanuts!!!! Ack!! The teacher specifically said at the back to school night that there were no allergies! I've been sending peanuts with S several times a week!! There was a substitute teacher today and I guess I'll confirm it with the teacher but I doubt any kid would lie about it. The kid next to her was eating a peanut granola bar too! I made sure they both washed up well but yikes!

There is only one water bottle pictured becasue E left his at school. I hope it comes home today.
For lunch the boys had mac and cheese (from a box which they prefer to my homemade version - sigh...), apples, meringue cookies and red pepper for S or avocado for E.

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