Friday, September 4, 2009

Face sandwitch

Snack today was all fruit - cantaloupe and grapes.
Lunch was a cream cheese and jelly face sandwich with cheese eyes and nose, raisin pupils, red pepper hair and a random piece of broccoli. They also had half of a banana and a piece of chocolate. They ate it all - even the dreaded crusts!


  1. So adorable! I want to be able to do stuff like that for my (future) kids....LOVE that sandwich.

  2. I am loving looking at your blog every day to get inspiration for my own bento lunches!

    How are the napkins holding up? Are they ok with just zig-zag edges, or do you think you should have hemmed them?

  3. Amy - the napkins are holding up fairly well! I plan to give them a week or two more's worth of washings and then I'll take a photo of them and post it. Thanks!