Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rice Cubes and Tuna

Above is S's snack of peanuts, carrot sticks and cucumber linking rings. I thought the rings might entice him to eat the cucumbers. No such luck but he ate the rest. E had cheese sticks with is carrots and cucumber rings and he ate everything.

For lunch both boys has tuna (in small round container), rice cubes (sticky rice) separated by some carrots, cantaloupe, a fortune cookies and a Boton rice candy. This lunch went over well except that E didn't eat much of the tuna. He told me he thought it was dip(??) and didn't open it until lunch was almost over so he only ate a fork full. I had bought the rice candy a while ago to check out. The boys like that you can eat the inner wrapper.


  1. I'm curious where you get all your containers? I will be packing my 3 yr old son't lunch beginning next week for the first time and I could use some containers to keep the foods separated without resorting to baggies!

  2. Hi Trina! I purchased the gray snack boxes at the Disney Store in my mall. I purchased them a while ago but I was just there a month or two ago and they still carried them. The rest of my containers were purchased from a company called Ichiban Kan. They are like Bento Box dollar store! I don't think I payed more than $3 for any of the containers. Unfortunately, they no longer offer an online store so you are out of luck unless you live near one of their stores. Good luck to you!