Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Racetrack Cake

A turned three years old! Since he is a lover of race cars he decided he wanted a race track cake. We copied this idea from somewhere on the web. I wish I could find it now to give the site credit but I'm not having much luck finding it again. The shape is made out of a square cake in the center and two halves of a circle cake on either side. Along the outside edges are graham cracker sticks. S and E insisted that we add the pit stop lane and provided the flags. We used chocolate covered raisins to separate the road from the grass. The original design we were copying used life saver type mints. A likes the chocolate covered raisins better so we decided to use those. You can tell we don't know much about car racing because we might have noticed that they used the life savers because they looked like tires! Also, we apparently have the cars going in the wrong direction. Oh well. At least I hear it tasted good.

I eat gluten free so I didn't try any. I did however spread some frosting on a rice cake. It tasted remarkably similar to those wafer cookies which I haven't had in many years. Yum!

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