Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pasta with Meatballs

Snack today was strawberries and cheese stick or peanuts. Empty boxes returned home.
Lunch was pasta and meatballs in the thermos. There is salad with a little apple topped bottle of salad dressing (you may have to click on the picture to enlarge it enough to see it), grapes, bunny crackers and a zucchini muffin disguised as a cupcake with chocolate frosting on top (shh... don't tell the boys) in the other container. :) A bunch of pasta came home. I think I packed too much in there. This is the first time we are using the little dressing bottles. They are NOT fun to clean. Maybe if the dressing didn't have things like parsley flakes in it. Maybe I should have just used oil, vinegar and salt...


  1. The little dressing bottles are best for thin liquids without bits of anything in them. Like you say, they are best used with simple oil & vinegar dressing. Add a dash of soy sauce or worcestershire sauce to add more depth of flavor.

    I have certain bottles that I just refill with the same thing when they come home and keep in the fridge. (Piggy bottles for soy sauce, fishy bottles for fish sauce, rectangle bottles for vinegar). That way, I don't have to clean them out between uses to fill with something else, and the pre-filled bottles make packing lunch much faster.

  2. Amy, that is good advice. I think I will just refill the dressing bottles rather than clean them each time. Even without the parsley flakes, they are not easy to clean. Thanks!