Monday, January 25, 2010

Waffle Grilled Cheese with Pepperoni

My camera just not focusing right recently... So sorry if the above photo gives you a headache! Snack today was fish crackers, grapes and blueberries. A's friend shared some of his fish crackers with A last week and it has been ALL A has talked about so I HAD to buy him a bag. He LOVES them and requests them often. I figured I had better give some to S and E before A ate them all.
Lunch today was waffle grilled cheese with pepperoni, corn, pretzels, pumpkin pie and pear. The boys came home and told me they strongly disliked the corn...


  1. Waffle Grilled Cheese? Tell me more!

  2. Here you go Astrid - you'll never make grilled cheese in a pan again :)

    How to make Waffle grilled Cheese

    1. Place some cheese between two slices of bread.
    2. Put cheese and bread into a preheated waffle iron and close lid.
    3. Wait a minute or so and remove.

    That's it. No need to you any butter/oil. Cooks on both sides at once. And the waffle iron only needs a quick wipe up with a cloth. I can't remember where I originally heard this idea but I love it and have used it ever since. :)