Monday, January 25, 2010

Muffin TIn Monday - ABC and I23

Today's MTM theme is ABC's and 123's. I decided to make A a muffin tin breakfast. He loved this which was especially nice today since he has a cold and could otherwise be in a bad mood... a special breakfast got him out of bed happily. :) I told him to match the cards with the correct starting letter of the food and number of foods in each cup.
Here are the "answers" above. Two Oranges, Four Bananas, Ten Blueberries, Eggs (no counting of the egg pieces...), One Bear Bread with Butter, and more Eggs.

This worked out pretty well. He wanted a "T" for toast and an "R" for orange but otherwise all was well. Oh and he wanted two refills on the blueberries. I knew he liked them a lot but I had by doubts of him counting to 30... :)

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  1. What a great tin! Matching number and letters is way cool!

  2. Awesome tin. Great idea having him match to cards with the food. Way to go mom.

  3. adorable. and a great idea to match. also. your butter bread bear is great!

  4. Very creative! The matching idea is too cute! 1st time visiting your blog - very nice! :)