Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rollups, granola bars and apple sauce

Snack today was nuts and a prune along side of some cantaloupe.
For lunch today the boys had granola bar and apple sauce in the top container and fruit leather, a cream cheese and jelly roll up and broccoli in the bottom container. I really wanted to fill in the gaps but the boys have not been eating as much so I resisted.

Well you may have noticed.... no laptop lunchboxes today. :( I realized that the boxes did not fit in their lunch boxes unless we left out the drinks so we need bigger lunchboxes or smaller drink containers. Also, I think the boys need some practice in opening them. They are not easy to open. I'm hoping that this is just because they are new??


  1. Depending on the boys' appetites, could you put a juice box inside the laptop lunchbox?

  2. I've personally never been a fan of the laptops because of their size. My kidlet is almost 9 years old and never needs that much food at lunch time. They seem needlessly clunky