Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mice Sandwich

Rest assured that the boys DID eat lunch yesterday even though I have no pictures. The Grandparents were still taking care of the boys and I'm sure made a great lunch though they didn't want to take pictures - go figure? Today for snack the boys had apples and crackers with peanut butter (S) or cream cheese (E).
I had seen a sandwich shaped like a mouse and thought it was a great idea. When I made it this morning I thought "hmm... that doesn't look much like a mouse..." I just looked back at the example and realized I left off the wiskers and the ears! I'll try again some other time... Along with the mouse sandwich, the boys had a granola bar a mallowmar cookie (couldn't resist, my grandparents used to buy these for me and my brothers) and some cantaloupe. The boys wolfed this food down in order to get on line to go outside more quickly. Apparently, there has been a lot of competition to get to the swings first...
A and I joined the boys at lunch today again. A had two mini sandwiches, mallowmar cookies, rice crackers and cantaloupe.
I had the last of my red pepper tomato soup, (thank you Amy for explaining how to make a link!!!) quesaldillas, cantaloupe and a chocolate bar. Yum!

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  1. That soup sounds yummy!
    I'm glad my explanation for the link worked for you.