Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Sack Lunch and One Laptop Lunch

E had a field trip today so he needed a "disposable sack lunch". He had a juice pouch, banana, tortilla rollup in the foil, fruit leather, a cheese stick and crackers and cranberries. I went on the field trip too as a chaparone. As a plus, they had way more time than usual to eat thier lunch but as a minus, they ate at 10:30am so they weren't too hungry. E didn't eat his banana or the crackers and cranberries but finished everything else. My lunch was SO boring that I couldn't bring myself to take a picture...
Above is S's lunch. He wanted juice to and it actually worked out well in the laptop lunchbox. The juice took up some space so he actually had time to finish most of the food in the box! He had peanuts, cranberries, a rollup, salad with dressing, juice, oranges and a fruit rollup.
For snack he had apples and crackers with peanut butter.

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