Friday, March 5, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

What is that on the frost covered picnic table you ask??? Well it is the broken top to our previously last remaining unbroken snack sized box. That makes five we have gone through in the last 6 months! Three Disney boxes and two Ichiban Kan boxes (like the red one above).

We are still using the boxes with bands around them and probably will continue for a while. (Mainly because I just used my extra money to buy two new lunch boxes... more on those next week!)

But for next year I'd like to get some more snack size boxes that are VERY sturdy. I will need THREE snack boxes because A will start preschool in the fall. Anyone have any suggestions? They need to be small (+/-500ml??- is that about the size of those Disney boxes?), sturdy but not too hard for a 3/4 year old to open.
Snack today was carrots, graham crackers with creme cheese and apples. That is not dirt on the crackers by the way, it is cinnamon. I made sure to point that out to the boys. I could just see them coming home and saying something like "Mom, I didn't eat the crackers because they had dirt on them" (like I might actually send them to school with dirt on their food??)

Lunch was a silly guy sandwich of creme cheese and jelly with cracker and dried cranberry eyes, grapes and a cookie.
A and I joined the big boys for lunch today. This is my lunch. I had tuna filled sushi rice things, cucumber salad, grapes and cheddar.

Here is A's lunch. He had grapes, a cookie, a few fish crackers and a cat shaped sandwich. The ears didn't quite come out so you'll just have to trust me... it was a cat shape.


  1. Goodness what are they doing to those boxes! Our similar ones have lasted for the last 3 years and still going strong

  2. That is so disappointing! I hate to see that. More junk to fill a landfill somewhere. Blah. I'll tell you though, that all those broken Disney boxes we went through really has helped change my perspective on what's *cheap* Vs. what's *quality*.
    As for snack boxes, I use Lock & Lock boxes for most of our snacks. These ones:
    This one is very similar in size to the Disney boxes, a little smaller, and has the trays too.

    There's also the LunchBots stainless containers. I think those would be big for a snack though, even the smaller sized ones.

    Do you have any of the 2-tier boxes that Ichiban had online? Sometimes I'll use one of those, just the top tier rather than both.

  3. Jenn - My boys are probably a bit too rough with their backpacks. Maybe I should put the snack box in an insulated bag before putting it in the backpack. Although I think I'd have to get them bigger backpacks since the lunch, snack box and water bottle hardly leave enough room for papers, and books as it is. They are using "junior" size backpacks.

    Melissa - BRILLIANT idea in using just the top of the two tier boxes! Thanks! And thanks for the link to the small lock-n-lock box. I just bought my first lock-n-lock boxes and if they hold up as well as I've heard I may go that route. They are so easy to open AND close. My 3 year old can easily open a box with an elastic band around it but he can't get the band back on.

  4. I realized after posting that comment that - duh! Of course you have those two-tier boxes, there's one right there in your blog header picture! I'm a little dense sometimes. ;-)

  5. I like a LunchBots box I got my son from It has 2 compartments.