Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Waffles and Pumpkin Pie

Would you believe that neither boy finished even that tiny lunch from yesterday??? It's almost like they LIKE to leave just a little bit of food? Of they think they have to eat most but not all the food? I asked them but they had no explanation for me.

Snack today was veggies and cheese and salad dressing for dip. S LOVES Italian salad dressing and will drink it if I let him. I'm sure his dressing container will be licked clean. Both boys love to dip cheddar cheese into Italian dressing. Weird...
I used the laptop lunchboxes today which doesn't work well with small lunches. Hence the many empty spaces. Lunch today was pumpkin pie, oranges, waffles and syrup in the little green container. I had planned to pack some ham too but someone ate it all... I blame dear husband.

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  1. Yum two of my favs! Might have to break out some frozen pumpkin now!