Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Flower Sandwich

Snack today - cheese and grape skewers and a Valentine chocolate.
I've been trying to pack the boys smaller lunches as too much food had been coming back uneaten. We shall see how this works. I certainly don't want them to be hungry but I hate to waste food.

The sun was actually out this morning so much better photo than usual. Spring is coming!

Lunch today was a flower sandwich, fruit leather, apples and fish crackers.


  1. I have the same problem! I am afraid to pack too small of a lunch because often Kidlet will then complain of being hungry. But a bigger lunch usually means more food coming home uneaten. It's a hard thing to judge!

  2. What fun! My little guy would be devouring the snack. Cheese & grapes are two of his favorite things. Right now he's only doing half day preschool so we only have to worry about a snack but in the fall he'll be doing full day and I'm already in a panic over lunches!

  3. Many bento blogs I read mention that their kids eat the lunch leftovers as an after-school snack. That way, you see how much they're eating for lunch, and the food isn't wasted.