Friday, October 23, 2009

Napkin Review

It was about a month ago that I cut out some napkins for the boys lunchbox. See post HERE. I cut them out of flannel from pinking shears. That's it - just cut them out- no hemming or anything. I figured after using them a month I'd let you know how they are holding up.
The napkin on the left was one I made but never used. The one on the right is one that has been used and washed approximately 3 times a week. As you can see it shrunk and is worn looking but otherwise not too bad.
Here is a closeup of the edged. The edges of the used one are starting to fray but not too badly. For less than a dollars worth of fabric and no sewing I think they held up pretty well. I did learn that if I ever DO decide to put in the effort and sew hems on napkins, I need to make sure I get "better" material that won't look so worn and fade so much. Any ideas on what a good fabric would be? Are their different "grades" of flannel? I can't even rember what this type was called when I picked it out at the craft store.

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