Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Turkey and Cheese Roll ups

Snack today was almonds and oranges. I like putting oranges in their snack because they take a lot of chewing and the boys seem to have more time to eat snack than they do to eat lunch.
S had his (hopefully last for a while) sick day today so this lunch is for E only. I decided to do turkey again as S doesn't like it. I'm too lazy to make two different lunches most of the time so poor E is usually subjected to S's picky-ness.

Anyway, today I attempted turkey and cheese roll ups. I have seen this on many lunch blogs. It seems easy in theory but I had a hard time with it! I could not get the rolls to stay together! Truly, they are only staying together because they are pushed all together. Maybe I should have used a toothpick to hold them together? I did use mayonnaise for "glue". Maybe I just have "stiffer" cheese and turkey or something.

Along with the roll ups I sent more applesauce (by request), some granola bars and carrots on a skewer.

The carrots came back home and surprisingly the applesauce which he specifically requested came home too! He said he ran out of time. The granola bars are pretty dry so maybe they took a while to eat?


  1. I do roll-ups too, and I have found a few tricks:
    *If you are using tortillas, make sure they are room temperature or slightly warm - if they are cold, they will break.
    *After you get everything layered, nuke it for just a few second to make the cheese soft and it will help everything stick together when you roll it up.
    *Do pack the roll-ups tightly in your box. By lunch time, they will have taken the rolled-up shape.

    Granola bars do take a long time for me to chew. Maybe they would be better at snack time? You could unwrap one and cut it in half to make it fit in one side of the snack container.

  2. Thanks Amy for the great roll up advice! I will definitely try it again sometime using your methods. And I think you are right about the granola bars. Maybe I should change my strategy for snack. I was trying to have fruit and a protein or fruit and veggies in the snack. Maybe I should just switch to whatever I am thinking of packing that takes a longer time to eat!