Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hedgehog sandwich

Yeah! S is feeling better and back to school today. S had peanuts and grapes and carrots for a snack. He didn't eat the peanuts as he says he is tired of them. Sigh.... E had grapes, cheese and carrots.
For lunch they had a hedgehog shaped/decorated cream cheese and jelly sandwich with chocolate chip eyes and pretzel spikes(?). Also included were that last slivers of birthday cake - just in time to make more this weekend for the rescheduled party! Lastly some pear slices and a few peanuts just to fill the void. Other than S not eating the peanuts, the boxes came back empty.
A and I ate lunch with the big boys today. Here is A's lunch - a mini hedgehog, pears and a few almonds and chocolate chips. He was still hungry and later had some cheese and crackers.
I had a turkey and cheese wrap. I'm loving these new (to me) gluten free rice wraps. They are much more flexible than the corn tortillas. Along side of the wrap is some pear slices and I had yogurt with apple sauce in the other container.

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