Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week 6 (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Wednesday snacks. S had pineapple, bunny cracker and fruit leather. A had cheese and grapes on Halloween skewers (yes, we did pull out the Halloween stuff even though it's not quite October yet...). E had pineapple, corn crackers and a fruit leather.
Wednesday's lunch was orange slices, grapes, syrup for the waffles, egg salad (for E, S had salami), mini waffles and juice.
Sanck on Thrsday was peaches and a honey/peanutbutter rice crispy treat. School was a half day today was ended after lunch. I picked the boys up before lunch so we could go on a hike. Fun fun! We did eat lunch but no photo. I actually took the boys for their first ever trip to Taco Bell so not the healthiest lunch but they all liked it. ;)
Snack on Friday was some apple sauce with nuts and corn crackers for E and cheese and crackers for S.
Friday's lunch. The boys LOVE this lunch. I call it a "mock lunchable". All the fun of a real lunchable but with nitrate free meat, real cheese, trans fat free crackers, fresh fruit and a home made cookie - oh a a few token veggies too.

For more great lunches, see What's For Lunch Wednesday!


  1. What is the football looking thing in the peaches/rice crispy treat picture? My son loves football and this caught my eye..

  2. Cindy, that is actually just a "napkin" - - or really a piece of flannel cut out with pinking shears... ;)

  3. I love the Halloween picks! Where did you find those?

  4. I actually won the picks in a contest sometime last year. Sorry, I realize that does not help you much...